Thursday, 4 August 2011

My first post :)

Hello everyone :)

I thought I would finally join the ranks of blogging crafters and so decided to make a blog.
I am currently working between two projects at the moment, a Will and Kate wedding sampler from cross stitcher magazine, (Had my mind on doing it for ages...I decided...better late than never)
as well as "home is where the heart is" from which I won in a competition in July ( I couldn't believe it....I never win anything :o )

I will go for now, but thank you for reading, ciao until next time :)


  1. hello, its me cucki from CB..
    congratulations for your win dear..
    keep well and hugs xx

  2. I had always thought of doing one, but seeing your post on CB , I thought, why not? SO cucki dear, you were my inspiration :) Love your blog btw, It's nice :)

  3. Hi there, lovely blog! I look forward to following... I like the owl picture at the top of your blog :) Laura x