Sunday, 23 March 2014


My partner and I take it in turns to watch the baby, so every second day I get to stitch. Today is my day to watch him, so I stole a minute to blog.

 I am going to start the Belle and Boo series from the UK Cross-Stitcher magazines. Probably the following one first.

I finished two cross stitched Christmas pieces,

 a robin kit I bought from eBay, which was originally free with (again!) Cross-Stitcher magazine,

as well as Mill Hill's Santa Stamp.
I thought about doing a big cross stitch kit, but got put off due to the fact I might never finish it or worse, might frog it.
I found a bookmark kit in a charity shop, for £1.50, these type of things usually cost from £5 up (not including shipping so say another £1.50 + for that)
Here is a picture of that:

Please share what you have been stitching. I would love to see other people's work :)

Until next time,
Bye bye :)

Saturday, 8 March 2014


Firstly, thanks for sticking with me, I realise I haven't updated in a while, life got in the way. I will try to keep my personal life separate from my blog though :)
I will highlight a small selection of stitches I have done since I last posted.

I have stitched the above design about four times, I love it. IT is a free kit that came with a UK magazine called world of cross stitching, I end up rebuying them on ebay.
I have done loads of mill hill ornaments. I have also done many cards and ornaments
I have been doing the series of these. This is the "Pumpkin and white" the rest are called "XX + white" I plan to make them into a cushion of some sort.

THANKS FOR READING! I plan to update more regularly.